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February 24th 2018 Beekeeping Class



This year we will be offering both a Beginning and Intermediate class. Both classes are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the MSU Pavilion. Snacks and light beverages are also included. You will be on your own for lunch. Vendors will be available selling woodenware and hive accessories. The cost of both classes including the book is $50. If you already have the book and just want to register for the courses only without the books the cost is $35. Scroll all the way down to see information on both classes and for links to register for the classes.

Beginner's Track Bee School
Course includes the book Bee Essentials by Dr. Lawrence Connor. This class is instructor lead and is aimed at the newer beekeeper, and will explain the basics in depth. The objective will be to prepare one to understand beekeeping terminology, so the student can understand any future technical discussions they will inevitably be involved in as they educate themselves about beekeeping. This class will also offer guidance for making educated decisions when you start your beekeeping hobby. The main topics discussed will be the types of bees, equipment, beekeeping practices and techniques you may want to incorporate in your apiary. Enrolment is limited to 120 people so enroll early to guarantee a seat in the class.

Class Outline (Subject to change):

Beginning Beekeeping

Types (Races) Of Bees

​Lines Of Bees


​Here Come The Bees

​The Bees

Hive Location

Managing Your Bee Colonies

Honey Crop

Harvesting Honey

Diseases And Pests Of Honey Bees

Processing the Honey

Other Bee Products

Intermediate Track for beekeepers 2-4 years into beekeeping
Course includes the book Increase Essentials by Dr. Lawrence Connor. The intermediate track will cover queen biology and raising local queens; the making and care of nucs; winter prep for hives and overwintering nucs; pests and disease controls and treatment options for mites and other topics. Enrolment is limited to 35 people so enroll early to guarantee a seat in the class.

Class Outline (Subject to change):

Honey Bee Biology Of The Hive (What makes a bee a bee)

Queen Rearing Primer

Spring And Summer Management

Planting For Bees

Beekeepers Workshop