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Additional Information from Past Meetings

April 2017
Dr. Meghan Milbrath from the MSU Department of Entomology and coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative presented "Varroa mite plan" - A plan for detecting and combating the Varroa mites in our hives! You can find much of the information from Meghan's presentation and additional information on Varroa control at the 
Michigan Pollinator Initiative website under Beekeepers and Varroa. The information under the Resources section is especially helpful. Two very helpful documents are Planning for Varroa and Tools for Varroa Management

November 2017

Click here for the recipes for the treats from the November meeting.
Click here for Dr. Dewey M. Caron's personation "Do You Have a PLAN". (4 Meg)

January 2018
Link to video on Adam Ingrao's Heroes to Hives.

March 2018
For those of you who didn't make the Friday night activities at the MBA conference, below is a link to the honey recipes that were presented by Chef Jim Ford CC, CPC.
MBA Spring 2018 conference recipes

April  2018
Links to the vendors with plants:
Mike Connor Honeytree Nursery
Vern Stephens Designs by Nature
Wildflower Garden Layout
Pollinator Garden Layout
Debbie and Dallas Montgomery's Go Grow Plant Natives
Native Plant Descriptions

October 2019

Link to Megan Atkinson's MegzCo bee product shop

​​Grant Bouterse 's Michigan Beekeeper sticker to fund his college education

He took a photo of the comb from his dad's hive and then created the artwork with it. He is also willing to do custom logos for other beekeepers for side line income.
Grant's # 517-944-5526 (text is good since he will be in classes a lot)

Large $4.00
Small $1.00


January 2020

Below are the different links from Ana Heck's presentation.

MSU Pollinator Initiative -
MSU Pollinator Initiative Facebook -
MSU Pollinator Champions Course -
MSU resources for beekeepers -
MiteCheck -
Mite Check Mobile App (from Apple App Store or Google Play)
Northern Bee Network -

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