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Wax dipping available for woodenware on 4/20/18

If you have woodenware that you need protected from the elements, there is a local option available for using wax rather than paint.  Meghan Milbrath (Munith, MI) has a wax dipping set up that she makes available for local beekeepers to use a few times per year. Meghan can dip new or clean used equipment. It is okay if it is painted, as long as dirt/bees/cobwebs have been removed. I can do any woodenware (boxes, lids, bottom boards).  The wax will stick to metal, so if you do screened bottom boards or galvanized lids, they will have wax on them (it doesn't hurt the melter, but you may not like the way it looks).   Most of the paint stays on, though I have had one paint fade.   For more info see www.sandhillbees.com/wax-dip-info

If you want your equipment wax dipped next weekend, you have two options: 
1) You can come in person on Friday, April 20th from 10 - 2, and I'll dip it while you wait. 
2) You can drop it off any time before Friday April 20th, and I'll call you when it is done.  Mark EVERY piece of equipment with your name.  Make sure that I have your phone number.   Leave everything on the pallet by the flag pole.   I'll dip it over the weekend, and call you when it is done. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Additional Information from Past Meetings

April 2017

Dr. Meghan Milbrath from the MSU Department of Entomology and coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative presented "Varroa mite plan" - A plan for detecting and combating the Varroa mites in our hives! You can find much of the information from Meghan's presentation and additional information on Varroa control at the Michigan Pollinator Initiative website under Beekeepers and Varroa. The information under the Resources section is especially helpful. Two very helpful documents are Planning for Varroa and Tools for Varroa Management.

November 2017

Click here for the recipes for the treats from the November meeting.

Click here for Dr. Dewey M. Caron's personation "Do You Have a PLAN". (4 Meg)

January 2018

Link to video on Adam Ingrao's Heroes to Hives.

March 2018

For those of you who didn't make the Friday night activities at the MBA conference, below is a link to the honey recipes that were presented by Chef Jim Ford CC, CPC.

MBA Spring 2018 conference recipes

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Upcoming Events

​See our Events page for more COMB and other upcoming beekeeping events

​​May 14 - Plant Sale

See April's meeting announcement for links to plant ordering for delivery at May's meeting.

​Additional meeting information coming soon.

​April 9 - Regular Monthly COMB Meeting

To order plants for deliver at May meeting see links below. Deadline to order is 5/4/2018.

Mike Connor Honeytree Nursery

Vern Stephens Designs by Nature

Debbie and Dallas Montgomery's Go Grow Plant Natives

Native Plant Descriptions

​This month we have some special activities for the meeting. First, we have organized a plant sale and have invited several vendors selling plants and trees to the meeting.  They will be selling at a discount so if you, or someone you know, is planning on planting for your bees or other pollinators, you won't want to miss this meeting. 

Second, we will be starting a beginner session at 6:00 P.M. led by COMB member Chris Robbins in a separate classroom for those who would like guidance and advice on your new package and nuc installation and care during the next few weeks.  This session will end in time for you to join the regular meeting starting at 6:30 P.M.

​Our main speaker will be Mike Connor who has been a regular speaker the last several years at our COMB club meetings. Mike is the owner of Honeytree Nursery and sells bee trees and landscape plants. Mike once was the owner and operator of Dadant bee supplies in Michigan and has been a beekeeper his entire adult life.  Take a look at his website and see what is available and give him a call for delivery at the meeting or come and talk to him at the meeting for later delivery.

Vern Stephens from Designs by Nature in Laingsburg will be speaking on native pollinators. He will have some reference materials to look at and will also discuss sources of plants and seed and offer recommendations. Designs by Nature provides natural landscaping, design and consulting, environmental education, habitat management planning and Michigan native wildflowers and grasses. Open for visitation by appointment only.

Vern Stephens obtained his bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Michigan State University.  He served for 21 years in the U.S. Air Force as a fighter pilot traveling around the world and the United States.  Vern, his wife Susan and their son Zachary live on a 40-acre farm in Laingsburg where they operate Designs By Nature, LLC, a native plant nursery and native landscape consulting company.  Each year they work with conservation groups throughout Michigan hosting native plant sales and workshops.  Vern is a member of the Wildflower Association of Michigan (WAM) and served on the board of directors for several years.  Vern and Sue have over 30 years experience working with native plants and ecosystem restoration.  They have consulted on projects throughout the state from home landscape design to university/corporate restoration and installation.  Vern recently retired from the Michigan DNR Wildlife Division as a Senior Wildlife Assistant where his work specialized in grasslands and invasive species management.
Debbie and Dallas Montgomery's Go Grow Plant Natives (GGPN) is a native plant nursery specializing in Michigan native shrubs, small trees, and wildflowers. GGPN is in it's second year and is a state licensed and inspected nursery located one mile west of Charlotte. The plant material is grown on sight and most of the species are grown from seed. The emphasis of the selected grown species is to provide wildlife habitat for butterflies, birds, animals, and the pollinators. Fortunately, these species are also gorgeous and are hardy in Michigan’s always changing climate. The aim of GGPN is to make it easy and convenient for homeowners to incorporate native Michigan species in their garden. Debbie had worked under the guidance of Vern Stephens (Design by Nature) and has completed Master Gardening and Master Naturalist programs. She has a certificate in Permaculture and has completed the Lakes and Streams Leadership program. She is currently completing a certification in Natural Shoreline Professional Training. GGPN also provides tree trimming/removal and seasoned firewood. Business hours are whenever you call, and someone is home.

PollenCheck:  A honey bee forage pilot study

​We are looking for approximately 25 beekeepers spread around the state of Michigan to become citizen scientists, collect pollen and enter their data in our PollenCheck mobile application. You can review the information about the project at: http://masl.cis.gvsu.edu/portfolio/pollencheck/

On this web page, you will find general information about the project, the 'Apply Here' button as well as some detailed tutorials with step by step instructions of what would be required of the participants this summer (see PollenCheck Tutorials by scrolling all the way down the web page).

Our team will provide all the materials needed for the project including 2 front porch pollen traps. We have secured funding to subsidize half of the total 100$ kit. This means that each participant would be required to contribute 50$ to participate in the PollenCheck Summer 2017 Michigan Pilot Project. The pollen traps are yours to keep after the season, which makes this a really good deal!

Shirts are 100% Cotton, 5.3 oz. weight and fit true to size. Each design is available in a men's crew neck and a ladies V-neck.

Questions should be directed to Jen Blackburn (jdensteadt@gmail.com)

COMB is a club for beekeepers in the mid-Michigan area. COMB's purpose is the study and promotion of the science and art of beekeeping. Meetings are open to the public but only members who are current on their dues may vote on club business. Club meetings are usually held at 6:30 PM on the second Monday of the month at the MSU Pavilion. Check Inside COMB Events for updated information on club meetings and upcoming events. Follow COMB on Social Media at our Facebook site for group discussions and questions.

Welcome to Center Of Michigan Beekeepers (COMB)

2018 COMB club package bee orders


Orders and payment must be RECEIVED by March 10th 2018. Make checks payable to

​​Jennifer Densteadt
2006 Arch Rd
Eaton Rapids MI 48827

​Due to weather conditions down south at our supplier, the tentative delivery date has been moved back to May 1, 2018.

Additional information on the delivery date will be provided to people who have placed orders closer to the delivery date. Package will be picked up between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM at:
Dianne & Myron Karsten, 3904 Round Lake Road, Dewitt, MI 48820

NOTE: Dead queen policy must provide proof within 48 hours of time of delivery to COMB - in cage ONLY.