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August 12

Jennifer Blackburn will be talking about honey extraction. She will be covering how to use extractors including uncapping methods, straining and bottling. The club has extractors that COMB members can rent and she will cover the process for that as well. She will also talk about the crush and strain method for harvesting small amounts of honey.

August is time to check for mites again. Bees raised in August will be the bees that raise the bees that will over winter and you want them healthy. Chris Robbins and Mike Risk will give a short talk on mite check and treatment in August.

The weather is looking good for Monday so we will again be doing the Sentinel Hive visit so new beekeepers can get some up close and personal time with hives and experience beekeepers. The field trip to the MSU Sentinel Hives will be starting at 5:00 PM on Monday August 12th. This is a link for a map to the entrance, located at 4201 Collins Rd.  Follow the drive to the back of the pole barn and then to Power Lines Rd. to the east. Parking is not ideal. It is a 600' walk to the hives from the parking area and room is limited around the hives. Because of this we would like to limit participation to those who have one or two years (or limited) experience. Please remember to bring your bee suits and gloves as well as sturdy shoes for walking. We will be breaking into groups, and encourage you to attend if you have questions or need instruction on working and inspecting hives. Instructors will explain the inner workings and activities of the hives, mite checks and anything unusual in each hive. Plans are to end by 6:00 so you can attend the regular meeting. Because the weather does not always cooperate, make sure you check the website to see if the Sentinel Hive visit is canceled at the last minute.

​​Chris Robbins will also be in one of the class rooms at 5:45 until 6:30 to answer questions from new beekeepers.

September 9

Vince Ste. Marie - Identification and Management of Africanized Honeybee Genetics
​​Vince is a Michigan native and holds a BBA in Management from Eastern Michigan University. Besides his job as a pharmaceutical sales representative, he and his family have a family farm including chemical free gardens, orchard, vineyard and various livestock.  He has been a chemical-free beekeeper since 2012 and the owner/operator of a retail Pollinator Plant nursery since 2016.

​Vince's talk will cover the introduction and range expansion of the Africanized Honeybee in the Americas,
notable behavioral characteristics of Africanized Honeybees that may aid beekeepers in identifying Africanized hives and
management options if Africanized Honeybee colonization within the managed hive is suspected

Vince will also be taking pre-orders for the pollinator plants he sells.
 Check out his flier here and contact him directly from the information on his flier to pre-order for delivery at the September meeting.

Mike Risk - Winter Prep

Mike will be talking about what you should be doing now and thinking about doing over the next few months to get your bees ready for winter including feeding, mite treatments, winter food and hive preparation.

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COMB is a club for beekeepers in the mid-Michigan area. COMB's purpose is the study and promotion of the science and art of beekeeping. Meetings are open to the public but only members who are current on their dues may vote on club business. Club meetings are usually held at 6:30 PM on the second Monday of the month at the MSU Pavilion. Check Inside COMB Events for updated information on club meetings and upcoming events. Follow COMB on Social Media at our Facebook site for group discussions and questions.

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