Additional Information from February’s Meeting

Vern Stephens from Designs by Nature in Laingsburg spoke on native pollinators and people had questions on where they could purchase seeds and where Vern would be having sales. Vern recommends Michigan Wildflower Farm in Portland Michigan for all wildflower seed and Native Connections for grass seed (large quantities) in Three Rivers Michigan. Vern’s sales schedule is:

Ottawa Conservation District – April 29
Harris Nature Center, Haslett – May 6
Kent CD, Grand Rapids – May 13
Boardman Nature Center, Traverse City – May 19 – 20
Allegan CD, Saugatuk – May 26
For-Mar Nature Center, Flint – May 27
Leelanau CD, Lake Leelanau – June2
Branch CD, Coldwater – June 10
Manistee CD, Bear Lake – June 16
Mason-Lake CD, Scottville – June 17

Any questions please give Vern a call at 517.230-2923

2017 Bee Packages 


Sorry, we have sold out of packages for 2017.

You can check with other clubs or the Northern Bee Network from our Links page for other sources of bees for 2017.

Dale Wood ( still has some queens from Mississippi available late April or early May for $32 each.

Upcoming Events

COMB is a club for beekeepers in the mid-Michigan area. COMB's purpose is the study and promotion of the science and art of beekeeping. Meetings are open to the public but only members who are current on their dues may vote on club business. Club meetings are usually held at 6:30 PM on the second Monday of the month at the MSU Pavilion. Check Inside COMB Events for updated information on club meetings and upcoming events. Follow COMB on Social Media at our Facebook site for group discussions and questions.

Build a Native Bee Hotel

Wednesday April 5th, 3:00-5:00PM - MSU Department of Horticulture

Join us for this hands-on workshop where you will learn about native bees, then build and customize your very own native bee hotel. Presented by Daedre McGrath, Trial Garden Manager. See the MSU Department of Horticulture Curious Gardener website.

PollenCheck:  A honey bee forage pilot study

​We are looking for approximately 25 beekeepers spread around the state of Michigan to become citizen scientists, collect pollen and enter their data in our PollenCheck mobile application. You can review the information about the project at:

On this web page, you will find general information about the project, the 'Apply Here' button as well as some detailed tutorials with step by step instructions of what would be required of the participants this summer (see PollenCheck Tutorials by scrolling all the way down the web page).

Our team will provide all the materials needed for the project including 2 front porch pollen traps. We have secured funding to subsidize half of the total 100$ kit. This means that each participant would be required to contribute 50$ to participate in the PollenCheck Summer 2017 Michigan Pilot Project. The pollen traps are yours to keep after the season, which makes this a really good deal!

Welcome to Center Of Michigan Beekeepers (COMB)

Monthly Meeting March
There is no March meeting because of the Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference.

Monthly Meeting April

April 10  Monthly Meeting - Yard Sale (see below for more details) and guest speakers Mike Connor and Dr. Meghan Milbrath.

Mike has presented at both the COMB and Michigan Beekeepers Association (MBA) meetings. He is the owner of Honeytree Nursery in Shelbyville, Michigan and will be talking on "Trees for bees". He will also be bringing along some trees for sale.

Meghan  has also presented at both COMB and MBA meetings and is always a very popular speaker. She is an academic specialist in the Department of Entomology and is the coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator initiative. She is also a contributor to periodicals and websites. In her spare time she runs  Sand Hill Bees.

COMB Bee “Yard” Sale Monday, April 10, 2017
1)    Your items are your responsibility.  Bringing sale items to the Pavilion and taking away any unsold and/or newly purchased items MUST be done by the end of the meeting.
2)   All items must be clearly marked with your name and price.  Stickers or even masking tape works well.  Please keep prices at even dollars so the cashier does not have to deal with change.
3)   A few items will be highlighted to be sold by auction.  Special items and items that have a number of people interested in it will be auctioned.
4)   Be prepared to pay for any items you purchase via cash or check before you leave the meeting.
5)   All items should be in clean condition (as much as bee equipment can be) and in working order.
6)   Only bee related items will be accepted for sale.
7)   There will be a “viewing period” before anything is sold so everyone has a chance to see all that is available.
8)   Table space must be reserved with Kay Barber by Thursday, April 6.  You can request by a half table or whole table.  If you need more space than that let me know.  My email is and use Bee sale in the heading so I can spot requests easily.
9)   There will be a “central cashier”, similar to an auction sale.  We will try to get proceeds from the sale to everyone before they leave.  We reserve the right to delay payment to the next meeting if we cannot sort everything out in a timely manner that evening. 

Monthly Meeting May

May 8 Monthly Meeting Hive Inspection at Mike Risk's apiary. See the Events page for more details.

Monthly Meeting June

June 12 Monthly Meeting - The hive, what you should see, honey flow, supering and Varroa Mites. PLANT SALE! See the Events page for more details.

Pollinator Protection Bill

At our October Meeting, Rep. Cochran address the club about the pollinator protection bill that he will be introduced next Wednesday, 10/19. House Bill 5950 has now been introduced and the link below has been updated to the Michigan Legislature website where you can review the most current version and see the progress of the legislation. Rep. Cochran asks that you please review the bill and provide feedback to:

Joseph Fedewa
Legislative Assistant
Office of Representative Tom Cochran

Michigan 67th House District


House Bill 5950

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