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​​February 12th - Regular Monthly COMB Meeting

Dr. Roger Hoopingarner - Spring Preparation

Roger is a retired professor of entomology from Michigan State University. He has been keeping bees for over 60 years, is a regular to the COMB meetings, founding member of COMB and national speaker on bees. Roger will be speaking on problems encountered in late February, March, and April before the spring flows start and what a beekeeper can do to help the bees.

MSU Bailey Bee Team – Bailey Hall Urban Garden, Bees in the Urban Garden and pollinator garden project.
Anna Jullie, Oliver Autrey and Michal Babinski from the
MSU Bailey Bee Team will be talking about the Bailey Hall Urban Garden and the bees they maintain to pollinate the garden. They will also be talking on their goal to goal to establish a pollinator garden in the community of Lansing by the end of spring to create a tangible, educational and environmental step in the quest for pollinator health. They will also be bringing some of their products from the urban garden to sell.

February 24th - Beekeeping Classes


Click here for more details and registration for the Beginning and Intermediate beekeeping classes.

March - Regular Monthly COMB

No meeting due to Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference.

March 9-10 Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference

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COMB is a club for beekeepers in the mid-Michigan area. COMB's purpose is the study and promotion of the science and art of beekeeping. Meetings are open to the public but only members who are current on their dues may vote on club business. Club meetings are usually held at 6:30 PM on the second Monday of the month at the MSU Pavilion. Check Inside COMB Events for updated information on club meetings and upcoming events. Follow COMB on Social Media at our Facebook site for group discussions and questions.

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Additional Information from Past Meetings


Dr. Meghan Milbrath from the MSU Department of Entomology and coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative presented "Varroa mite plan" - A plan for detecting and combating the Varroa mites in our hives! You can find much of the information from Meghan's presentation and additional information on Varroa control at the Michigan Pollinator Initiative website under Beekeepers and Varroa. The information under the Resources section is especially helpful. Two very helpful documents are Planning for Varroa and Tools for Varroa Management.


Click here for the recipes for the treats from the November meeting.

Click here for Dr. Dewey M. Caron's personation "Do You Have a PLAN". (4 Meg)


Link to video on Adam Ingrao's Heroes to Hives.

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PollenCheck:  A honey bee forage pilot study

​We are looking for approximately 25 beekeepers spread around the state of Michigan to become citizen scientists, collect pollen and enter their data in our PollenCheck mobile application. You can review the information about the project at: http://masl.cis.gvsu.edu/portfolio/pollencheck/

On this web page, you will find general information about the project, the 'Apply Here' button as well as some detailed tutorials with step by step instructions of what would be required of the participants this summer (see PollenCheck Tutorials by scrolling all the way down the web page).

Our team will provide all the materials needed for the project including 2 front porch pollen traps. We have secured funding to subsidize half of the total 100$ kit. This means that each participant would be required to contribute 50$ to participate in the PollenCheck Summer 2017 Michigan Pilot Project. The pollen traps are yours to keep after the season, which makes this a really good deal!

Shirts are 100% Cotton, 5.3 oz. weight and fit true to size. Each design is available in a men's crew neck and a ladies V-neck.

Questions should be directed to Jen Blackburn (jdensteadt@gmail.com)